Career portfolios are used to plan, organize and document of person, work samples and skills. People use career portfolios to apply to jobs, apply to college or training programs,  show transferable skills, and to track personal development. They are more in-depth than a resume, which is used to summarize the above in one or two pages. Career portfolios serve as proof of one’s skills, abilities, and potential in the future. Career portfolios are becoming common in whole world, and workforce development it will help to create, update, and use a career portfolio before moving on to the next level in life.

Career portfolios help with a job or acceptance into higher education institutes. A career portfolio should be personal and contain critical information from childhood to present. Items that should be included include (but are not limited to) personal information, evaluations, sample work, and awards and acknowledgments. Career portfolios are often kept in a simple three-ring binder or online as an electronic portfolio and updated often. A career portfolio is used as a marketing tool in to built high value oneself for personal advancement, so it is a wise idea to have an updated one on hand.

Online portfolio

In the 21st century web technology has filtered its way into portfolios especially in the digital work place. While traditional C.V. style portfolios still dominate the portfolio world it is common to back it up with a website containing about, personal statements, contact details experience awards and acknowledgments right from childhood to present.

More and more building personally branded websites to validate and distinguish their skills, accomplishments, and experiences. although Social web sites such as LinkedIn have become popular, as have services from websites which offer to host portfolios for clients but still building a personal website helps you to create knowledge about you to others. These web pages provide users the tools to include all forms of digital media in their websites, including documents, images, videos, and audio files.

Resume reels and demo tapes are a type of portfolio. They are used by many in the arts such as musicians, actors, artists and even journalists and sports persons.

Creative Professionals are also looking to portfolio websites as a means of presenting their work in a more professional and elegant manner.

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