Two tournaments are going to be held in Hyderabad – one is the pearl city open event and the other is a pearl city below 1500 tournament.

What is so special about these two tournaments? Well, the winner will take home not just the first prize of Rs.50,000 but also a car!

In this interview we speak to one of the organizers of the tournament Karthik Reddy, who tells you as to how they decided to go with this novel idea of having a car for the winner. There is not just a car, but the second place gets a bike, the third place a laptop and so on.

Please note: If you win a car, there are some regulations that need to be followed. Please do clarify them with the organizers in case you have any doubts.

Download the circulars:

1. Pearl City Open 6-11 September -

2. Pearl City below 1500, 8-13 November –

Video by : Mr Sagar Shah

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